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Two years after shocking the world and becoming the UFMF champion, little has changed for the better. Kirin’s actions have placed her and her loved ones right in the crosshairs of those at the very top. However, little does she know the UFMF is not her only opponent, but only a piece of a shadow government that oversees all.Watanabe, the owner of the UFMF, and Thorne, the UFMF president, are both entrenched in their own plans leading into a head on collision with Kirin.Kirin has decided that the fight must be brought to them, but she can’t do it alone. A ragtag team made up of her closest friends is assembled to deal with an impossible task without the aide of her mentor, Sifu. The question is—will the battle between Kirin and UFMF find resolution in the ring?

Wing Chun Gung Fu martial artist Kirin Rise took dystopian Chicago by storm in her debut adventure, Kirin Rise: The Cast of Shadows. Now she’s back for a whole new set of trials. Kirin is determined to bring hope in the midst of a bleak reality. Her recent victory in the Dome has attracted the attention of the most powerful man in the UFMF.

It is now 2033, and Kirin’s victory has given her global celebrity status. She can’t go anywhere without being mobbed by adoring fans. Kirin is happy that she has connected with the public but also wary of her newfound fame. It can turn on her in an instant.

People are looking for anything to distract them from the deteriorating conditions in America. Through their disillusions, the UFMF has become the largest corporation in the world. The head of the UFMF is busy perfecting a super-soldier serum that goes beyond ignoring pain.

At the same time, Kirin struggles with her family’s opinions about her fighting career and unanswered questions about her biological parents and their deaths in North Korea. Her mentor, Sifu, is dealing with trouble and trauma of his own. Fighting comes easy to Kirin, but matters of the heart are a different story!

It’s 2032, and the world has new gladiators. The fighters in the United Federation of Mixed Fighting keep audiences entertained with brutal bouts of uninhibited violence. Each year at the annual culmination of the tournament, competitors fight to the death in the DOME.

Chicago teen Kirin Rise didn’t begin martial arts for the power or the glory. She fights for her family, her friends, and her city.

Kirin Rise: The Cast of Shadows details Kirin’s first experience with the fighting style she would grow to love and embody, Wing Chun Gung Fu. As a young Korean American teenager dealing with the harsh realities of racism and sexism, she’s drawn to a martial art that uses her opponent’s own aggression and power against him.

In this new young adult adventure, author and experienced martial artist Ed Cruz gives you a new heroine to root for. Under the tutelage of her teacher, Sifu, Kirin learns the rigorous mind-set and practice of Wing Chun Gung Fu, the only martial art style invented by a woman.

Kirin knows that she can serve as an inspiration to the people of Chicago, but powerful enemies will do anything to stop her from winning her next big fight.

The only flaw in Wing Chun is when the practitioner fails to use it all the time. – Sifu

Ed Cruz (author)

Ed Cruz is an expert in the martial art of Wing Chun Gung Fu. He has been studying and practicing it for thirty-nine years and teaching it for eighteen. His Kirin Rise series uses the real martial arts philosophy as the basis for a dystopian YA thriller.

Cruz was trained in various martial arts for eleven years, but Wing Chun Gung Fu and its effective approach caught his attention. He met with Augustine Fong, a Wing Chun Gung Fu master, and has since devoted his life to mastering the art. Cruz is now an expert and has been publishing articles about Wing Chun Gung Fu for eighteen years.

Cruz was born in Manilla in the Philippines but immigrated to the United States at the age of three. His family resettled in Chicago, Illinois, and it has been his home ever since.

Ron Langtiw (illustrator)

A native Chicagoan and a child of the 80’s, Ron Langtiw has always been a fan of Saturday morning cartoons and gung fu.  The intersection of the two came in watching the US adaptations of Japanese animation like Battle of the Planets and Robotech.  As a child, Ron learned to draw by tracing his older brother’s drawings.  Later, he was inspired by artists like Alex Ross, Dale Keown, Greg Horn and Matt Wagner through their various comic series.

As a fan of Bruce Lee, Ron always wanted to learn martial arts.  Ron met Ed Cruz in 2000 and began formally studying Wing Chun Gung Fu in 2004.  He loved the art for its efficiency and effectiveness.  As he grew in the art, Ron learned not only how incredible the art of Wing Chun can be, but he also gained a great family in his Wing Chun brothers and sisters.

Life went on as it always does and Ron spent a significant amount of time working in the Information Technology industry.  While it paid the bills he needed an outlet for the creative energy inside him.  After having two spirited boys, he found himself drawn back to his artwork and started penciling illustrations.  By 2012, the timing worked out where Ed approached Ron with the concept of Kirin Rise.  Two and a half years later, Ed and Ron published their first book together: Kirin Rise The Cast of Shadows.

Don‘t fear trying, don’t fear failing, but most of all, fear not living. – Sifu

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Kirin Rise Wing Chun University Premium

So, you’ve decided you want to dedicate your time and effort into figuring out Wing Chun. This is your art, you eat, breathe, and obsess about it 24/7. And, you’ve realized that useless debates with other lines, Frankensteining it together, and talking about Ipman and Bruce Lee movies are a total waste of time. Now you’re 100% committed into figuring out how this art works. But let’s face it, this is the most complex art out there and as beautiful and effective as it is, you just can’t quite figure it out.

Well KRWCU Premium is the place for you, I’m here to show you the way. Not just through a bunch of techniques, but every fine detail on what makes Wing Chun just so incredible. But first, you have to earn you way into the premium site and money isn’t enough.

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And finally the 3rd option, starting June 2018, we’ve opened the Monthly Students membership. Just for $19.99, you get full access to the Premium site and message board for a whole month.

Now, regardless of what you choose, you’ll need to do something additionally. The premium site is based of the Kirin Rise book series. You’ll need to get a copy of either book 1 or 2 of the Kirin Rise series (e-book or paperback) and give either one a review on Amazon. The book series was created to help you decode the art and I use it to teach along with my videos and articles on the premium site.

What they say

“I have never met a more experienced teacher and yet a very easy going person as Sifu Ed. He can be very brutal sometimes when giving you corrections on your forms, but he does that because he truly wants to pass on the knowledge to the students. He always explains the what, why and how wing chun works, nit picking every detail you can imagine. He also live streams his classes from Chicago sometimes, and online students can ask directly about the topic. Trust me, this is not your casual wing chun topic, they usually pick a specific topic and discuss it very thoroughly.”

Dicko Mas SoebektiIndonesia

“Kirin Rise University give students a chance to learn Wing Chun from anywhere in the world! Sifu Ed’s dedication to spread this unique art shows through his attention to detail in his videos. It gives a personalized feeling as if he is there physically with you. His encouragement, humbleness and and open mindedness creates a positive learning environment for all students to grow. He enables us by explaining the reasons for the movements and concepts in the art so that we may become teachers as well.

Thank You Sifu Ed for sharing your knowledge!”

Rosemarie RitanUnited States

“KRWCU is a must for any serious Wing Chun enthusiasm or practitioner. The curriculum is well organized and Sifu Ed is a master of his art and is here to provide feedback and answer to any question regarding Wing Chun or your practice. The teaching here is unique filled with wisdom and serves as a good reference to come back to over and again to deepen your understanding.”

TC HangUnited States

“It’s good. Real good. Damn good.”

Snacky PeteRussia

“Sifu Ed has made learning Wing Chun online very effective through the Kirin Rise University. He has organized the learning in a well structured curriculum. He covers every aspect of Wing Chun in a very in depth manner. He encourages questions from his students. He also encourages his students to share the art with others as a way to figure out what we know and to deepen our understanding. You can also send your videos, and youll receive thorough feedback from Sifu. You can clearly see through all the videos that Sifu Ed is highly experienced and passionate about Wing Chun.”

Ernesto PonPanama

“Kirin Rise Wing Chun University is the best online school for learning and mastering the art of Wing Chun Gung Fu.. The atmosphere is very welcoming, great personalities, and a lot of supportive people to help one learn grow within the art.. If anyone is really interested and wants to have a life changing experience in martial arts, this online university is the best place to start. You’d never thought that Facebook can be so educational until you enroll yourself here. This is true martial arts! See you in KRWCU!”

Ryocel KusagayaPhilippines

“Sifu Ed provides more than just the shell in his explanations and examples on the art of Wing Chun. Anyone can show you the physical motions, but to have clear visual examples of his explanations and approach shows his deep understanding of the art.

A great resource for anyone who is interested in the art of Wing Chun.”

Chun LiuUnited States

“So rare in our times to find someone willing to share their knowledge in its complete form and at such a high level. Sifu Ed and his students provide that here!! The level of detail is unrivalled, it’s revitalised my training and enthusiasm for the art. For me there was always something mysterious or magical about Wing Chun and for the first time i feel like what i’m learning is allowing me understand what i once didn’t, it’s really exciting!!

Thanks Sifu Ed and all at Kirin Rise!! :)”

Mike BrettleUnited Kingdom

“Kirin Rise Wing Chun University has changed my life , i have learned how to dig deep not just in Wing Cun but in alot of aspect of my daily life ,and when it comes to learning a Wing Chun Gung Fu look no more because this is the place here i have get answer in depth of why and how we do things i do encourge to you to be part of this online University let´s make Wing Chun great again!”

Rafael Garcia ArquietaMexico

“A professionally run online university, filled with helpful and understanding staff. Plenty to learn and absorb, an absolute must for anyone wishing to delve as deep as they require into the art of Wing Chun. It’s like having your own personal Sifu 24/7!”

Kevin MoffatUnited Kingdom

“A simple art with indepth theories yet effective and devasting technics and teachings. A very experienced and patience Sifu.. Looking forward to sign up for chum kiu and biu tze.. **Respect**”

Amm KaySingapore

“I didn’t realize how little I knew about wing chun until I started learning from sifu Ed. KRWCU is a great community of people who have a thirst for the art. If you want to take your wing chun to the next level I highly advise checking out the university.”

Josh TomlinsonUnited States

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